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College of Computer Studies

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Formation and Development (FORMDEV)

The College of Computer Studies (CCS) has a special development program and community called FORMDEV (Formation and Development), the mission of which is to proclaim and demonstrate the Lasallian and gospel values of faith, zeal, love for one’s community, and love for the poor.

A major component of the FORMDEV program is a 0.5-unit course, also called FORMDEV, offered to CCS freshmen. The goal of the FORMDEV course is two-pronged:

  • To introduce CCS freshmen to the life and values of the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, St. John Baptist de la Salle; and
  • To assist them in relating the life and values of St. La Salle to the life of Jesus and the values of God’s Kingdom, and to their own lives, values, and dreams.


FORMDEV began, by God’s grace, as the "CLP" group in SY 1999-2000. The group’s original objective was simple: to study the life of St. La Salle, with the hope that it would inspire the members of the group to be more Christ-like and more concerned about the plight of the poor.

The CLP group was originally composed of CCS faculty members led by the dean, but it eventually grew to include students and co-academic personnel. When the group finished studying Br. Luke Salm’s The Work is Yours in SY 2000-2001, the student members, in a meeting of the group with Br. Ceci Hojilla at the Brothers’ House in DLS-Dasmariñas, unanimously suggested that all CCS students should have the same experience of getting to know St. La Salle and the members of the CCS community more deeply.

In SY 2001-2002, more students were invited to become part of CLP "Batch 2." Simultaneously, preparations were made to offer a course called FRMDEV1 (Formation and Development 1) to all CCS sophomores the following year.

FRMDEV1 was offered for the first time in SY 2002-2003, with more faculty than student facilitators. Beginning SY 2003-2004, however, there have been more student facilitators than faculty, and the course and program began to be called FORMDEV.


The FORMDEV Community consists of volunteer faculty members, students, and co-academic personnel (CAP), who can serve either as facilitators or auxiliary staff. Together they realize FORMDEV’s mission by the grace, and for the love, of God.

During the second and third trimesters of each school year, each facilitator, or "faci", is assigned a group of CCS students taking the FORMDEV course. These students are called a faci’s “handles”. For one trimester, the group faci introduces, through word and deed, his or her handles to the life and values of St. La Salle, and assists them in addressing concerns or clarifying values in the light of the Lasallian values and the Gospel.

Auxiliary staff, or "auxis", perform logistical and other functions that free facis to focus on building relationships with their groups.

Each member of the FORMDEV Community goes through training, Bible study, and recollection-workshops that deepen their understanding of the Lasallian and Gospel values and their friendship with one another.

Appendix III of the FORMDEV Brochure lists all the current and past facis and auxis.

The Lasallian Values

“The spirit of this Institute is, first, a spirit of faith,” wrote St. La Salle in the second chapter of the Rule, which he composed for the Brothers in 1718. In the same chapter, he wrote: “Secondly, the spirit of the Institute consists in an ardent zeal…” Then in the third chapter, he wrote: “A true spirit of community shall always be evident and preserved in this Institute.”

These three (faith, zeal, and love for one’s community) together with love for the poor, which has always been part of the mission of the La Salle Brothers, are what we take in FORMDEV to be the Lasallian values. Further details about these values and how FORMDEV helps form them in students can be found in the FORMDEV Brochure.

FORMDEV Brochure

A complete description of FORMDEV is contained in the FORMDEV Brochure.